Travel itinerary – Two weeks in Northern India

Our whirlwind tour of Northern India took in some of the main cities in Rajasthan, as well as a detour east to Agra and Varanasi, before returning to Delhi.

Yes it was frantic, but the long train journeys were opportunities for relaxation and reflection rather than burdens, and we managed to experience a wide variety of what Northern India (or at least Northwest India) has to offer.

1 We landed in Delhi in the morning, and waited in the airport until an afternoon flight to Udaipur.
2 Full day in Udaipur exploring the city
3 Full day in Udaipur – a bicycle trip and exploring the Monsoon Palace
4 We splurged on a private taxi to take us from Udaipur to Kumbhalgarh Fort to Ranakpur Jain temple and on to Jodhpur – total price 3950 rupees.
5 Full day in Jodhpur
6 We left Jodhpur in the morning and travelled by bus to Jaisalmer (five hours)
7 After a morning in Jaisalmer, we traveled to Khuri to spend a night in the desert.
8 We returned to Jaisalmer and explored the city.
9 Jaisalmer half day, Malani Express train to Bandikui (17.00 – 06.14)
10 We changed in Bandikui train station to take the Khajuraho Express to Agra (7.47 – 11.00), visiting Agra Fort in the afternoon.
11 We visited the Taj Mahal in the morning and explored Agra until our evening train to Varanasi – the Magadh Express Tundla Junction to Mughal Sarai (23.20 – 07.40)
12 A full day in Varanasi
13 A full day in Varanasi
14 Fly to Delhi from Varanasi (10.45 – 12.20), Delhi half day (Jama Masjid, Red Fort, Chandni Chowk)
15 A full day in Delhi
16 Fly Home 13.55 – 17.55

See my photographs from India here.


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